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ORO is a brand that has established itself as a trustworthy and innovative gold product manufacturer in the jewellery sector of India and abroad by “Raia Jewels Pvt Ltd” , since early 2009. However, our expertise as jewellery manufacturers comes from a heritage of over 125 years and we are constantly innovating our products and styles to match our expertise with constantly evolving technology.

This is only the beginning of what makes “ORO” the right choice – the trusted choice – as a business partner. The world’s leading jewelry retailers have worked with Raia Jewels for over two decades because they demand the exceptional results that only a global leader in jewelry manufacturing can provide.


Gold products - Oro - Worldoforo -raia jewels

Gold products - Oro - Worldoforo -raia jewels

Gold products - Oro - Worldoforo -raia jewels


Platinum products for men and womens by ORO

Platinum products for men and womens by oro

Platinum products for men and womens by oro

Our Collections

We believe in constant innovation and design development at “ORO” . Our collections are an effort to showcase the new products within various categories that we have launched keeping in the mind demographics, weights, occassions etc.These collections enable a systematic approach to creating timeless designs and also help in making the selection process simplified.

Why Retailers across the Globe Trust “ORO”

“We have been working with ORO bangles for the last 2 years and so far had very good experience and the products are very innovative.” ADITYA PETHE

Waman Hari Pethe Jewellers, Mumbai

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“ORO innovates with their machines. Avinash and Ravish are actively thinking of new ways to make bangles and other jewellery.” Vinod Hayagriv

C. Krishniah Chetty Jewellers, Bangalore

“We have been stocking ORO bangles since a while now and are very satisfied with the product and service. In a competitive market like today’s, ORO has lived up to our expectations.” JATIN CHHEDA

Chheda Jewels, Mumbai

“Avinash and Oro are very closely associated with us, both professionally and personally. Their innovative designs and crafting techniques have resulted in many repeat customers for these bangles as it is a staple product with brilliant quality.” ISHU DATWANI

Anmol Jewellers, Mumbai

“Gehna and ORO share a long standing relationship and I personally like their designs and their craftsmanship is of very high quality. Our clients like it very much. Lot of our NRI clients especially from Dubai and Hong Kong they come to buy ORO bangles.” SUNIL DATWANI

Gehna Jewellers, Mumbai

“ORO is a company of nice people! From service to marketing we have service at our door steps and they make all efforts to make sure that there is never a problem. Machine made bangle have been innovated to a different level by ORO with assurance of 100 % quality. Designs by ORO are being copied by everyone that only shows that they are leaders with others to only aspire to be there.”

Prince Jewellers, Chennai

“Solid gold bangles have always been sound and sought after investments. ORO has changed trends and given us new designs which are modern, contemporary and traditional.” REEMA PAHUJA

Tikamdas Motiram Jewellers, Mumbai

“Our company has been fortunate to have had such strong association with ORO over the years and their innovative approach to manufacturing. We’ve witnessed a lot of consistency in their products all throughout and their vision for designs is what sets them apart from a lot of other names in this particular field of jewellery.” Ebrahim Zaveri

Minagold, Mumbai

“It has been a sheer pleasure working with ORO team! I believe we have a great partnership going on. The feedback from our clientele has been very good and encouraging about the products from ORO. I am very impressed with the professional attitude of the team towards the requirements and also the professional manner in which you commit and execute.” CHETAN BAGRECHA

Nikita Jewellers, Mumbai

“We have been working with ORO from the past 8 years now. Novelty and innovation today are synonymous with the name of ORO. Their product quality, designs and holistic approach to the business have taken them to the highest position. our relationship with them is akin to one shared by partners.” BHARAT ZAVERI

Zaveri & Company, Ahmedabad

“ORO” has set up a benchmark in designing and marketing of bangles. Avinash is an entrepreneur pushing for innovations all the time. Both Avinash and Ravish form a great team and are easily approachable. Their pleasing demeanor adds to the “Brand ORO.” RAVI KAPOOR

Kays Jewels , Kanpur

“We deal in all jewellery and as it is Platinum anniversary we have launched ORO Platinum bangles and had very good response.” DEEPAK TULSIANI

Kundan Jewellers, Mumbai

“ORO has been selling very well with us and has become synonymous to any gold bangle requirement. The R&D in manufacturing technologies and innovation in designs is what ORO does best and no one comes close to it. Their online system of ordering – ROM has made sure that business happens fast and there are no flaws or communication gaps.” PARESH SHAH

CH Jewellers, Gujarat

“When you do business with ORO, you can be assured that they will adhere to the best quality standards and also cultivate an environment for fair business relationship. It is always a pleasure to deal with ORO’s products and people.” DEEPAK TULSIANI


Dwarkadas Chandumal, Mumbai

“At Manubhai Jewellers we have established years of trust in our customers as our products speak for themselves. ORO products fit our vision perfectly as they take care of the finest details on each piece.” SAMIR SAGAR & HIREN SAGAR

Manubhai Jewellers , Mumbai

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