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World-class expertise, exquisite craftsmanship, and cutting-edge technology come together to create an ORO collection. At ORO we believe that jewellery takes many forms and holds a distinct representation to its wearer. Whether an extension of an individuals’ personality, an expression of words left unsaid or a symbol of something eternal, an ORO creation is a bespoke mark of design excellence that perfectly blends tradition and modernity.

Each collection has been carefully curated to create pieces of wearable art that are definitive of the trends of the present and mindful of those that will command the future. Made with the finest quality of gold and platinum, ORO redefines the art of fine jewellery with wrist and handwear that is remarkable in its composition and functional, yet brilliant by design.

When you choose ORO, you’re choosing jewellery that sparks emotion, that lifts the senses and elevates your everyday with more than just a hint of sparkle.


With a legacy that spans across 135 years, ORO takes pride in its reputation as a trustworthy and innovative gold product manufacturer in India and abroad. At ORO, jewellery design is more than just an artform. ORO elevates traditional compositions to create contemporary, unique collections through cutting-edge technology and exquisite craftsmanship.

With multi-faceted jewellery operations, ORO is in a continuous process of evolution. From exports and ventures into newer markets, its creations are dispersed through a strong network of distributors who contribute whole heartedly in the mutual performance and growth of the business.  It has a unique approach in every aspect of the jewellery process, imbedding each stage with a distinct vision of innovation, whether design, merchandise, supply chain management or after sales service.

Partnering with ORO means being a part of a lineage of global distinction. Associating with a brand whose reputation precedes itself. A reputation that is built on an ethos of foresight and excellence. From design, merchandise, supply chain management to after-sales services ORO ensures that every stage of your journey is seamless and meticulously looked after.

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